Our programs

Individual, supervised, professional


Autism is an individual journey, and so is our support.


Light Up Autism Foundation has been helping students with autism and their families in mainstream schools on the Mornington Peninsula since 2013.  Our customised approach and methods improve each student’s social and learning skills, supporting them on their school journey with communication, attention and motivation.


We work closely with professionals

We have respected working relationships with clinical professionals who support our programs, families, students and schools.


We work with specialists in:


  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Psychologists
  • School principals of primary and high schools
  • Classroom teachers
  • Teachers aids


Our school support and services include:


  • Qualified Psychologists write an individual ABA therapy programs which are updated once a term after a meeting that includes parents, teachers, senior ABA therapist, integration aides, and other professionals
  • Senior ABA Therapists evaluate the children’s individual programs for 1 hr each fortnight and also support our ABA trained integration aides with program implementation
  • ABA trained integration aides conduct approx. 5 hrs 1:1 of the child’s individual learning program at school
  • Providing training & support to teachers & integration aides in Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy (ABA)
  • Facilitating the management of individual ABA programs for students with ASD, with school administration
  • Advocating for children with ASD within the school and broader community
  • Working towards total inclusion for all our students within the school program




The Light Up Autism Foundation has made it possible for my son William to have ABA therapy at school.  After his time spent in the program, William has become a confident reader and his maths skills have improved unbelievably. The change I notice the most is his confidence – now William will have a go at anything – the program has helped him to be more sure of himself.

Thank you to the amazing people who take the time out for not only my son William but the other children as well, without your time and support Will would still be the boy in the corner chewing his fingernails. – Jasmine Locke


In school ABA program

Light Up Autism Foundation works in partnership with each school. Our aim is to empower staff with skills and support students with individual program strategies delivered through a 1 on 1 teaching model.


Accelerated homework club

Customised for students at secondary college, this focussed Homework program supports secondary college students with autism with after school study and organisational homework habits.


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is provides individualised, quality care and directly support for people with a disability, their family or carers. Our Foundation can assist you with a quote to support your NDIS application for ABA therapy