About Autism

Commonly referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) it is characterised by impaired social interaction and communication, as well as a tendency to engage in restricted and repetitive behaviours.


Being a “spectrum disorder” means that different children are affected to varying degrees. This may result in some children being less affected with relatively mild challenges, while others could more severely affected where repetitive behaviour and lack of spoken language impact on everyday life.


We know through data that 1 in every 70 people have autism in Australia. And, while ASD is a life-long condition, interventions and therapies can reduce symptoms and increase skills and abilities.


Although it is best to begin an intervention as soon as possible, the benefits of therapy can continue throughout a person’s life.


Components for effective intervention programs for students with ASD are:



When a child is diagnosed with autism or other learning  challenges, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. When a student is displaying challenging behaviour in the class, it’s difficult to address individual needs.  But every child future is not set in stone, and every child with autism deserves our support and skill development to make their future brighter.


Every parent wants the best for their child. So does every educator.


That’s why we support ABA therapy as a comprehensive model of care and treatment that makes life better for children and their families.



What is ABA?


ABA stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis. It’s a safe and effective treatment and therapy for autism. This scientifically validated approach focusses on understanding behaviour and how it is affected by the environment.




ABA improves learning and social interaction



Individually trained ABA therapists work with students and their families to manage challenging behaviours, encourage positive behaviours and build skills to use in the classroom and in life.



ABA guidelines


Light Up Autism Foundation works within the guidelines of ABA therapy peak body and regulator. ABIA- ABA  https://abia.net.au/>



“We are so incredibly grateful to have the support of  Light Up Autism Foundation for our 2 children in our mainstream school.  They both have specific programs tailored to their individual special needs.  They are given basic goals to work towards to help them progress and grow at their own speed.  Our kids really struggle to learn in the chaotic classroom environment, so having that regular one on one time with their trained aide has been vital to their development.  They would not be where they are today without ABA or the ongoing support of the Light Up Autism Foundation.”

Monique Cain


These techniques can be used in structured situations such as a classroom lesson as well as in everyday situations. Some ABA therapy sessions involve one-on-one interaction with an ABA therapist and the student. ABA principles and techniques can foster basic skills such as looking, listening and imitating, as well as complex skills such as reading, conversing and understanding another person’s perspective.

How can ABA in schools help?


Using an ABA approach helps educators, integration aids focus on addressing the needs and challenges of children with autism.


Through ABA in classroom settings teachers can improve the learning style of each child through:

  • addressing or preventing challenging behaviours
  • increasing positive behaviours
  • providing structure and routine
  • building skills
  • enhancing motivation
  • focusing on achieving independence


ABA principles and methods effectively applied within an educational setting can lead to:






How can my school or family access ABA therapy and treatment?


Light Up Autism Foundation have extensive experience facilitating the training of teachers and education staff to support them in delivering ABA therapy.  If you need to talk to someone about accessing ABA services or financial assistance and guidance for your family or school, we’d love to have that conversation.


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When a school applies ABA training children with autism shine.